Musa (a.s) Dua for Job: Win a Job Now

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Searching for a job is tiring, stressful and sometimes painful too. Active job-seekers know how unfair the world can sometimes be. To constantly wait for job vacancies to appear, only to find out that employers require experience for entry-level jobs.

Some Apply for tons of jobs online and face multiple rejections. IT’S OKAY TO FEEL TIRED! But WHAT’S NOT OKAY IS TO LOSE HOPE. That’s what we learn from Prophet Moses’s (a.s) story in Surah Al Qasas. There is a powerful dua for job made by Prophet Musa / Moses (a.s). Check it out, and don’t forget to read the Awesome 3-Rule Formula of Moses (a.s) to win a job below!

1. Dua for Job:

Arabic words: رَبِّ إِنِّي لِمَا أَنْزَلْتَ إِلَيَّ مِنْ خَيْرٍ فَقِيرٌ

Roman words: Rabbi innee limaaa anzalta ilaiya min khairin faqeer

English Translation: “My Lord! I am truly in (desperate) need of whatever provision You may have in store for me.”– Quran 28:24

2. Background Of This Dua:

It’s Moses’s (a.s) dua, which Allah mentioned in Surah Qasas. Due to a reason, Moses (a.s) left Egypt and migrated to Maidan (Syria), where he found himself homeless, penniless and all alone.

He did two things in Madian that changed his course of life there. He helped two young ladies to fetch water from a well. Afterwards, he made the above-listed dua. Allah tells us in Surah Qasas that after this dua, Allah inspired the ladies to talk about him (a.s) to their father for employment. His father gave him a job based on two things (1) His Strength (2) And Truthfulness.

He not only hired Moses (a.s) but also offered him to marry one of his daughters later in life. This is how Moses (a.s) lived in Madian for the next 10 years with a job, shelter and a family.

3. Incident In the Quran:

And when Moses arrived at the well of Midian, he found around it a group of men watering their flocks, and he saw two women standing apart from them, who were holding back their flocks, so he asked, ‘What is the matter with you?’ They replied, ‘We cannot draw water until the shepherds take away their sheep. Our father is a very old man.’ So Moses watered their flocks for them; and returned into the shade and prayed, ‘Lord, I am truly in need of whatever blessing You may send down for me.’ And then one of the two women came walking shyly up to him and said, ‘My father is asking you to come so that he may reward you for watering our flocks for us.’ When Moses came to their father and gave him an account of himself, he said: ‘Don’t be afraid! You have escaped from those wrong- doing people.’ One of the girls said, ‘Father, hire him! For the best man to hire is someone strong and trustworthy.’ — Quran (28:23-26)

4. How To Recite This Dua?

Instead of stressing about your job problems, and consuming your mind with hopeless thoughts, Recite this dua 24/7. While taking a walk, drinking water, eating something, scrolling through social media, applying for jobs, waiting for job approval emails, and before or during the job interview process. Make it a quiet practice. Live this dua.

But, with it also follow Moses’s (a.s) formula for job winning.

5. How to Win a Job? 3-Rule Formula of Moses (a.s)

The story of Moses (a.s) teaches us the best formula to get a job immediately. This is a three rule-formula– Help Yourself, Help others and Make dua.

1. Help Yourself:

The first rule is to help yourself. Moses (a.s) had the desired qualities for the job. So like Him (a.s) you have to make yourself valuable, build qualities and learn skills that would make you desirable in the business world.

These two natural qualities can unlock countless opportunities for you too.


Honesty is a spiritual and moral quality. It can help you attract job opportunities. Businesses require honest employees who don’t cheat or fraud. And today, top organizations say the same. The findings of Baylor University’s Research reveal that honesty increases job performance too.

Hard Work and Efficiency

Hard work is physical quality, which includes physical and mental strength. Here, it means to be a dedicated employee who also works efficiently and effectively.

2. Help Others

The second rule is to help others. He (a.s) helped two young girls without expecting any reward in return. Reach out to others. Do something free of cost. Be a good member of society. You don’t know where Allah has written your rizq.

3. Make Dua

The final rule is to make dua. You have to do your part of the work and then turn to Allah with hope, like Moses (a.s). He made dua after being equipped with skills and having a helpful nature.

6. Conclusion:

The dua of Prophet Musa/ Moses (a.s) mentioned in Surah al Qasas (28:24) is powerful to win a job. But, with it, you also need to follow the 3-rule formula of Him (a.s) for job success. According to this, you need to learn skills and practice them with others without expecting any benefit from them. Be honest in your dealings, help others and then make this dua sincerely!

If you already have a skill then share it with the needy, or do something from what you know for free. Allah may make someone the source of rizq or count your deed as sadaqah and bless you with a job from elsewhere soon. It is Allah who blesses whoever He wills.

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