The Best Dua for Wealth, Money and Abundance

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Are you having money problems and looking for a dua that you can recite in your daily life to receive wealth, money and abundance from Allah almighty?

We have picked one of the best duas from the Holy Quran for you and listed it into this blog post. Keep reading!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is faith-based and spiritual in nature, and it does not intend to replace or be substitute for financial advise.

The Best Dua for Wealth

The Holy Quran mentions a beautiful dua of Prophet Ayyoob (a.s) in Surah al-Anbya (21: 83). This dua is special in terms of getting all forms of rizq and provision including, wealth, money and abundance.

Prophet Ayyoob (a.s) made this supplication in his most difficult times, when a disease caught him for several years and eat away all of his material blessings. So, if you’re also going through tough times in terms of rizq and provision like running short on money for basic needs or worse, then this dua is best for you. It’s as follows;

رَبَّهُۥٓ أَنِّى مَسَّنِىَ ٱلضُّرُّ وَأَنتَ أَرْحَمُ ٱلرَّٰحِمِينَ

Roman words: Rabbahooo annee massani yad durru wa anta arhamur raahimeen

English words: “Indeed, adversity has touched me, and you are the Most Merciful of the merciful.” – Surah Anbiya (21:83)

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Background of The Dua:

Prophet Ayyoob (a.s) was an extremely wealthy man who owned different kinds of properties like lands, fields, farms, cattle and sheep, and had treasures of gold and silver. His best quality was his gratefulness towards Allah, so his trial was also taken through wealth and provision.

Ayyoob (a.s) caught a deadly disease and lost everything. His situation did not get better yet he remained patient for years. He knew that he was being tested. One day, when he got extremely upset, he called out to Allah almighty in a sincere dua.

After this dua, Allah almighty removed affliction, poverty and distress from his life and returned everything doubled. Allah almighty tested Prophet Ayyoob (a.s) to see if he remained grateful or not, and he passed his test with three weapons: patience, gratefulness and dua.

Do You Really Need to Make Dua?

Prophet Ayyoob (a.s) consciously prayed to Allah before getting released from his test. This incident tells us the importance of making dua. We cannot achieve something in life just by thinking about it or assuming that Allah knows our condition and He’ll spontaneously improve it.

Indeed, Allah almighty knows our condition and averts evil from us with his mercy, but He loves to be asked.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: There is nothing dearer to Allah than supplication.

Source: Al-Adab Al-Mufrad 712; Grade: Hasan (good) according to Al-Albani

Also, Allah almighty can not be forced to do anything our mind thinks of.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: Let no one say, “O Allah forgive me if You Will, O Allah have mercy upon me if You Will” in an effort to resolve the matter because Allah cannot be forced into doing anything.” 

Source: Sahih al-Bukhari 6339 Grade: Sahih (authentic)

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How to Make This Dua?

There’s no special timeline for reciting this dua. Prophet Ayyoob (a.s) supplicated when he hit the lowest point of life after the devil filled him with extreme anxiety, stress and sorrow yet he was not ungrateful.

If you’re also facing a similar situation, where you’re being tested with poverty, it’s your sign that Allah wants to accept your dua. I’d suggest you do a constant dhikr, or you can also recite it twice a day (morning and evening) just like important adhkars.

Moreover, the best way to make dua is verbally by spreading your hands to the skies. You have to be physically, mentally and spiritually present on the time of supplication.

The Prophet (pbuh) said: Your Lord is munificent and generous, and is ashamed to turn away empty hands of His servant when he raises them to Him.

Source: Sunan Abi Dawud 1488
Grade: Sahih (authentic) according to Al-Albani

You can also stay quiet and make the dua by heart. It depends on your choice and circumstances.

Will This Dua Work?

Allah Almighty tells us in the Holy Quran that He listens to every caller who calls upon Him for something. So, don’t doubt the acceptance of your duas.

Being sincere is all you need when asking your creator. Indeed, Allah will make a way for you to overcome this situation, open a secret door of opportunities, or send someone to you.

However, the prophetic way of making duas also involves doing what is in your own hands. Prophet Muhammad suggested that we should ‘tie the camel’ (do our part of the job) before leaving it all to Allah. So, make this dua but also do what you can.


The dua of Prophet Ayyoob (a.s) is best dua for wealth and financial freedom. Anyone who’s going through financial difficulty can recite this dua every day. While reciting, you must have a deeper understanding of the dua and sincerity of heart.

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