3 Powerful Dua for Laziness and Procrastination

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Bismillah Ir-Rahmaan ir-Raheem (In the name of God, the most Gracious, the most Merciful).  Laziness and procrastination are troublesome. They are two common problems of every human being. Whether you’re a student, worker, entrepreneur, housewife, or someone with an aim & action plan, you get to fight this situation.

You often see it as a hurdle which stops your growth by making you feel dizzy, tired, and sleepy and aid you in pushing your work aside. It makes you Procrastinate a lot.

Below are 3 powerful dua for laziness and procrastination treatment. You also get to read the process of making these duas and five extra tips to treat inactivity.

Dua can change your destiny:

If, due to laziness, you feel helpless, lost or like a failure. Don’t trust that feeling rather trust Allah ﷻ; and what He has in store for you if you just find Him All Sufficient in this weak hour.

Everything is possible. You can overcome laziness and regain control of your life. Just have faith and make Dua for it. The Holy Prophet ﷺ said:

Only dua can change God’s decision’. (Sunan al-Tirmidhi, Hadith No. 2139)

Dua has the Power to turn you to the right track. BUT ONLY if that Dua includes your whole being.

Make the Real Dua:

The real dua is a prayer that is said with all your emotions. It is a dua that fills your heart with trust and makes your eyes teary.

A real dua makes you achieve a higher level in spirituality. It elevates your soul to the stage where it’s pleading reaches Allah ﷻ directly.

Therefore, make a real dua to remove laziness.

3 Powerful Dua for Laziness and Procrastination:

Following are some best duas to get rid of laziness and procrastination. These duas will also help you overcome Laziness, Procrastination, Inaction and Time-wastage. Insha’Allah.

1. Dua for Laziness

This supplication is perfect for removing laziness and inactivity. Through this, one especially asks Allah for security and refuge from idleness. Therefore, it’s the best dua for laziness.

Arabic words: اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّي أَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنَ الْعَجْزِ وَالْكَسَل

Roman words: Allahum inni A’oothubika min al-ajzi wal-kasal

English Translation: “Oh Allah! I seek refuge in you from laziness and inaction.”

2. Dua for Laziness and Procrastination

This dua is powerful to get rid of laziness and procrastination. It’s Musa (a.s) dua, which he made before facing Pharoah to invite Him towards Allah. As it was a tough task, Prophet Musa (a.s) wanted help from Allah to make it easy for him. Laziness and Procrastination turn your easy tasks into difficult ones, so this dua helps you turn back your heavy and complicated tasks into light and easy ones.

Arabic words: رَبِّ اشْرَحْ لِي صَدْرِي وَيَسِّرْ لِي أَمْرِي

Roman words: Rabbish rahli sadri wa yassirli amri

English Translation: “Oh my lord, expand me my breast, and ease my task for me.”

3. Dua for Procrastination

The below-listed is the best dua for procrastination. We procrastinate our work when there is so much negativity or complex emotions in our mind like frustration, self-doubt, boredom, anxiety or insecurity. Through this dua, we ask Allah to bless our time; and to put barakah in our time; so that instead of wasting it, we can use our time efficiently and effectively.

Arabic words: اَللَّھُمَ بَارِك لِی فِی أَوقَاتِی

Roman words: Allahumma barik li fi auqati

English Translation: “Oh Allah! Bless my time.”

19 Names of Allah to Treat Laziness and Procrastination:

These Asmaul Husna (names of Allah ﷻ) are powerful to remove inactiveness, laziness and idleness. You can use these names of Allah in your duas to your treat laziness and procrastination.

  1. Al-Aziz (The Victorious)
  2. Al-Bari (The Maker of Order)
  3. Al-Musawwir (The Shaper of Beauty)
  4. Al-Ghaffar (The Forgiving)
  5. Al-Wahhab (The Giver of All)
  6. Ar-Razzaq (The Sustainer)
  7. Al-Fattah (The Opener)
  8. Al-Alim (The Knower of All)
  9. Al Khabir (The All-Aware)
  10. Al-Muqit (The Nourisher)
  11. Al-Mujib (The Responder of Prayer)
  12. Al-Wadud (The Loving One)
  13. As-Samad (The satisfier of All Needs)
  14. Al-Muqaddim (The Expediter)
  15. Al-Wali (The Protecting Friend)
  16. Al-Barr (The Doer of Good)
  17. Al-Maani (The Preventer of Harm)
  18. Al-Hadi (The Guide)
  19. Al-Rashid (The Righteous Teacher)

💡How to make Dua?

Your dua shouldn’t be a traditional practice where you just utter the words of prayer, without realizing what you’re saying to Allah Almighty.

This kind of dua will not help you correct your intention. To benefit from your prayer, you need to involve your whole being in it.

Such duas break through the skies and present your desire and helplessness to Allah ﷻ. In his book the Attributes of God, Maulana Wahiddudin Khan denotes this kind of dua as a “Super Dua.”

A real dua has a power that makes Allah intervene in your matters.

However, with dua there’s also another thing that the Holy Quran wants you to do to treat laziness. You need to change yourself a little.

The Concept of Change:

“Verily, Allaah will not change the condition of a people as long as they do not change their state themselves ”

[al-Ra’d 13:11]

Thats’s why it’s true to say ‘the change begins with you.’ You have to change what is within yourself in order to overcome laziness. i.e., certain habits, patterns or even daily routine.

Allah will not change your Condition (your laziness) until you do it yourself. Allah wants you to look within yourself. He wants you to learn the Art of living.

So what stops you? You have to see what issues do you have which are causing you laziness and eradicate them slowly. But How? Read below.

5 Tips to Remove Laziness and Procrastination:

Say Bismillah and use the following tips.

1) Detect the Lies:

When you choose your task, your mind lie to you and give you excuses to procrastinate. You consider them reasons but they’re infact just excuses that your mind make.

It’s because your potential task is risky, or uncertain. Therefore, you don’t want to do it, hence, your mind drags you at the edge of giving up. Detect it’s cleverness beforehand.

2) Improve your Sleep Cycle:

The first excuse that would probably come to your mind in laziness is “Oh, I am sleepy. I should sleep for a few hours and then get my work done.”

You need to know oftentimes you aren’t sleepy, your mind fools you into thinking that. Contrary, if you sleep well in the night chances are there that you’d overcome laziness.

3) The Two-Mints Rule:

There’s a rule Invented by David Allen that says “you need to practice your new habit for exactly 2 minutes and then leave.” This tip is great to avoid Laziness.

When you are being lazy to do a task, tell yourself that I’ll do it for just 2 mints and then leave. You just need to force yourself for these 2-mints.

There’s a higher possibility that you’d end up covering a little portion of your work once you start.

4) Pray on time:

Start to form your habit of praying the Five times daily salah on time. It brings discipline in your life.

Salah saves your life from disorder or imbalance. If you push yourself to offer more than three prayers, it teaches you to prioritize important tasks in life.

5) Wake Up Early

Make the habit of waking up early in the morning. When you add it in your routine, you feel more fresh and active to start or resume an activity.

Every Morning comes with new blessings. Don’t waste your part of morning barakah. Starting work in early morning helps you get rid of laziness.


It is possible to overcome laziness and procrastination. Therefore, We’ve shared 3 powerful dua for laziness and procrastination in this blog. Hope you find these duas useful and result-oriented. May Allah helps you to do better with your life and achieve your goals easily. Ameen.

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