12 Unknown Facts About Mufti Menk

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Here are 10 Unknown Facts about Mufti Menk that will surprise you, and hopefully add into your admiration of him.

A quick introduction: Mufti Menk is one of the most loved scholar of the 21st century. He is equally admired by both Muslims and Non-Muslims. He has over 20 million followers combined on all his social media accounts.


Let’s look at ten of those unknown facts about Mufti Menk.

1. Mufti Menk is from Africa

Yes. Mufti Menk is from Harare – the capital city of Zimbabwe in the Africa continent. He was born to a Yemeni family there.

2. He is a PH.D holder

As far as his education is concerned, Mufti Menk got both Islamic and secular knowledge. He completed his Bachelors in Islamic Jurisprudence and PH.D in Social Guidance. He is now ‘Dr Mufti Ismail Menk’.

3. He Went to India to Study

Most people don’t know that Mufti Menk went to India to complete his post-graduation from Darul Uloom Kantharia in the city of Gujrat. He studied Hanbali Fiqh there for two years.

4. Mufti Menk Provides Free Islamic Education in Africa

Mufti Menk’s organization built 52 institutes and mosques to facilitate children with free Islamic education. This maybe because he greatly feel for poor vulnerable people as he lived such a life in his early childhood.

5. He Knows Urdu And Gujrati Language

Mufti Menk learned Urdu from Delhi University in his stay in India. As he was studying in Gujrat, and his teachers and class-fellows were gujrati, so he got exposed to the Gujrati language too.

6. Mufti Menk is a Sunni

This is something almost everyone was keen to know. He is actually a Sunni. Mufti Menk’s community is mostly Hanbali, so is his school of thought. He specialized in the same Sunni school of Islamic jurisprudence.

7. He is a Jurist by Profession

After he got elected as a Grand Mufti of Zimbabawe – which is also called as the State Mufti – He started practicing his profession as an Islamic Jurist and, up till now he still is. He solves people’s matters through explaining them the fatwas of other great scholars, and many a times issues inheritance certificate.

8. He Does Not Take Salary From His Dawah Activities

It’s highly appreciating that earlier as a local Quran instructor, later as a Grand Mufti, and then as a widely famous Islamic scholar on the internet – he never earned a single penney for his personal use.

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9. Mufti Menk is An Animal Lover

He is a true animal lover and, he is very compassionate towards animals in general. Often you see him on instagram feeding the elephants and deers, brushing his cats, playing with the rabbits, and patting on the horses. He actually lives the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) saying ‘Kindness is the mark of faith’.

So, do check, and follow his instagram this time 😉

10. He is a Fun-loving Person

Mufti Menk enjoys his life to the fullest with the clean fun. Wether its about leading a prayer on a seashore/beach, or jumping off over the crocodile infested river, mufti menk knows all the secrets to adore life. He loves traveling, hiking, watching sunrise, skydiving, paragliding and every lively thing which has no element of haram. He is even seen cycling, horse riding, and at times on a hoverboard ride.

11. Mufti Menk Has An Online Academy

Yes. Mufti Menk is the Dean of Eman Academy, where he also gives online classes on the Hadith Science along with other shiekhs, and ustadh. He takes live classes there. You can also become his student directly there.

12. He Wrote Two Books on Quotes

You read it right! Mufti Menk who is greatly famous for his deeply spiritual and motivational quotes on Facebook and Twitter, has penned down two books named ‘Motivational Quotes (1 & 2)’ on the subject of patience, sadness, forgiveness, love, loyalty and much more.

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