Hurts and Hardships: Islamic Perspective (Part: 1)

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Even the lowest degree of pain that a believer bears – purifies him. How beautiful is that to imagine? Nothing bad happens to the believer without expiating some of the sins. This shows how merciful is Allah; Who is absolutely Powerful and the most Wise.

We complain about our hardships and lose heart – blaming Allah for every hurt & damage. While we see the picture from the opposite side. It was us who chose this life; The heavy burden to uplift, we said yes to be tested.

So He tests us, But not without equipping us with the right armors: a heart that feels, and a soul that thrives.

Allah lets us face the difficulties of life to see which one of us remain righteous and steadfast on the true path

And during the stage of trials; Allah does not leave us alone. His love embraces us and purifies us, His care brings mercy upon us.

If we respond him with a believer’s heart, Only then we’d be able to look into ourselves and see every hardship changing us and every pain making us stronger.

It’s from Allah’s great wisdom that He makes us suffer from afflictions. The tests passed onto us are different and become difficult with each stage. But when a strong believer steps into the grounds of tribulations, His patience over the situation, and immense trust on Allah, unveils his true potential and makes him see himself clearly. He learns new things and doesn’t make life difficult for others. When a good person gets hurt, that hurt changes him, it brings him home.

Do your best, have patience over your fears, and trust Allah all truly and completely.

Indeed, the help of Allah is near. (2:214)

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