Do we seek it? | A Personal Reflection

Reading Time: 2 minutes

With the name of Allah (God) the most gracious and the most merciful, without whose name no action brings eternal peace and prosperity.

Deep inside of me a quest reside; A quest that i know lives inside every innate being. I, for obvious reasons, chose to follow the quest and submerge in the ocean of Truth. I chose to see the sun with the naked eye and submit to the reality that my eyes burnt. I chose not to ignore the frequency that thrived within me and sought the source.

I saw the sky above me, and the birds flying with grace, recalled the mountains standing up tall, the rivers with crystal clear water and wondered ‘Who was there behind all this majesty?’ Who created this all?

I saw my hands and forgot everything other than that i existed. I saw how a flawed human is capable of impeccable things; How a human heart is deeply strange and how strong is the energy that ignite within a human chest. Who made this all possible? Whose intellect surpasses all? Who was so intricate, wonderful and complete? Whose plan include us all?

Than began the journey of a seeker towards nothing but the truth— and the truth guides you.

No matter from where do you start— until you are sincere and steadfast — the truth guides you.

Everyday the nature calles our name. It knows us. Everything that we see, feel and register is a block that fits in a bigger picture.

We’re from the same source. Do we acknowledge the reality?

Do we see the constellation in the sky and think about the order in the nature? Do we hear our own breath and witness the pumps of our heartbeat? Are we mindful of our own being?

Why don’t we give ourselves a chance? Follow the quest and find our ans? There’s something that invites us towards it but… Do we seek it?