The Purpose of Bismillah

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I were never the person to say Bismillah until a very special task would come to have done. I usually forgot, or said at many subconscious levels.

I feel it was because of my lack of understanding with regards to Bismillah’s true purpose.

What’s the Purpose of Bismillah?

Why do we say Bismillah before doing work or performing any task?

The purpose of saying Bismillah is hidden in its wisdom.

The wisdom (Hikmat) behind Bismillah is “to come under the shelter of Allah.”

How coming under the shelter of Allah feels like? It feels to have a kind of protection nothing in the earth has to offer.

But the protection from whom? — Satanic whispers and misleads.

Satan wonderfully knows how to distort our psychology.
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What happens when we say Bismillah?

When we say Bismiallah ir rahman ir rahim, we intend to save ourselves from all the evil thoughts and misgivings that may dilute our mind, heart or soul after an hour or while in the task process or completion.

Bismillah makes a believer arrive at his/her true nature, and then connect that person with Allah on a high spiritual level.

My Experience with Bismillah:

When I got enlightened with the wisdom of Bismillah, I started saying it prior to everything, even the smallest ones like thinking about a certain topic or building a rational thought.. That really made me feel connected to my Rab, and with His mercy, gather what i needed, and stop where i should .

By saying Bismisllah ir rahman ir rahim (In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful) I found myself under the shelter of Allah, where each block that I filled and each conclusion that I reached — all brought nothing but mercy.