Reclaim Your Heart Review; it is your pocketbook of peace:

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Today, is the day to read Reclaim your heart review! Well, it’s a beautiful book written by Yasmin Mogahed. The book itself is about the author’s personal reflections on god, life, and relationships.

The author writes about emotional attachment and various other topics that happen to cross a Muslim’s path. Despite its Islamic context, Reclaim your heart can also provide a psychological service to the reader with some great advice and outstanding lessons that follows astonishing examples to help the reader overcome emotional loss, redirect his focus on God’s grace and build a better connection with Him.

Book Sections:

The book has 7 big sections; each section containing various sub-sections related to the main topic. for example;

  1. Attachment
  2. Love
  3. Hardships
  4. Relationship with the Creator
  5. Women’s Status
  6. Ummah
  7. Poetry

Who should read this book?

Reclaim your heart can be read by any person who is going through emotional trauma or one who is seeking stability and purpose in life.


5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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In-Depth Review of the Book:

Do you often think about your pain? Why do you get hurt and disappointed by your loved ones?

Why don’t you get what you ask God for?

Why are you running into relationships but still there is this emptiness in your soul?

Why don’t your dua’s get answered and Why does life is so harsh?

Why do you face severe financial crisis?

Why do your physical health deteriorate?

What is wrong with you?

Is it God that you’re missing? How to connect with God amidst all the chaos?

Why just you can’t be permanently happy? Peaceful and Headstrong?

Yasmin Mogahed will give you all of these answers in her book reclaim your heart personal insights on breaking free from life’s shackles.

It took me a month to finalize what I can add to the in-depth review so that the right people get to find and buy the book.

Reclaim your Heart is a self-help book. I found this book very interesting and self-soothing. Why? because Firstly, the writer uses a novelistic approach to connect with the readers.

It conveys the message through storytelling adding in some beautiful examples, metaphors, and scenarios; from the Quran and her life. The text isn’t plain or boring.

The writer frequently adds Quranic verses, hadith, sayings of some amazing Islamic personalities like Ali (as), Rumi, Ibn e Taymiyyah and Ibn e Qayam to explain her point.

reclaim your heart review
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While reading, Yasmin Mogahed’s writing style tells you how thoughtfully, deeply, and lovingly has she written each chapter. She takes you into the scene.

Secondly, I really like her tadabbur over the Quran. For example in chapter 4 section 3 “A sacred Conversation,” she tells you that the Lord of the universe offers you a sacred conversation with him in the darkness of the night, while the world sleeps. How important you’re for Him. She then quotes Quran 50:22, to explain yet how unmindful you’re of this meeting.

Thirdly, It’s not just attachment, love, hardships, or the relationship with God that she discusses, she also pens down about women, men, and ummah. She drives the reader’s focus over the critical issues like women’s empowerment, manhood, and Ummah’s struggle in the 21st century.

She first tries to lead you to the center of healing, and once you reach there, she makes you see the west’s perspective of Muslims. How urgently Muslims needs to get better! She shares the harsh reality of today’s Muslims; how they’re doing nothing about their adverse condition and what’s it’s like to be a Muslim woman or man today!

I really like how she addresses current issues of the social, individual and work life of muslims.

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Now lets, discuss some pros and cons with all sincerity and honesty!


  • The Book uses a Novelistic approach.
  • The writing style is free with great storytelling.
  • The Book addresses Muslim’s current issues.
  • It fills the heart with faith and zeal to get better.
  • It inspires you and makes you realize your mistakes with the help of Quranic verses, hadith, and sayings of important Islamic personalities.
  • It makes you see Muslim’s condition; them sleeping and ignoring the lessons Allah is teaching them through hardships; and Muslim men and women hurting their faith by falling into the trape of the world.


  • The chapters are written in form of paragraphs; so no headings or bullet points are there.
  • It has long and some extremely long sentences. So if you can’t maintain your focus, you may lose it.
  • It explains situations and solutions but in a slightly unclear way. So if you’re looking for exact solutions in points, you might face some problem finding it.


Reclaim your heart is like a self-help manual, in which the writer has shared her thoughts about emotional healing, self-assessment, and self-correction.

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I hope you liked the review, if you do let me know in the comments section below.