Read this if you lost a parent.

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Bismilillah irahman irahim,

I am sharing a long letter for you to read if you lost a parent. I hope this letter brings you a new dimension to see life and live within this world.

A Letter to the one who Lost a Parent

To the one reading this letter,

Asalam o alaikum (May blessings be with you),

I know it’s hard and painful. The days have become longer than it used to be. I can feel the void that has pinned inside of you but not as hardly as you do. The room is vacant now and there’s no one to call to. The seat is empty and you’re unable to reach him/her. I know looking at his/her clothes and things, you are crying. Even after all this time you cannot believe the reality. The emptiness of your home and that has filled your soul, is eating you. You want to go far away from this place but don’t want to leave at the same moment. Memories are in every corder and commodity; you’re missing him/her. There’s darkness, sorrow and no hope; this pain doesn’t seem to ever end.

Certainly, the place that your parent left, cannot be taken away by any human, ever. There could be no one in this physical world that would share a parental relationship with you. But while you’re thinking that these emotions of misery will take your life — they won’t. You have to understand one thing and It’s important to know that: You aren’t alone in this.

Many people from all over the globe may have died to this date too; Many would have pinched with the same emptiness, sorrow and pain. Billions have lost their loved ones, millions do every year, and this system is ever repeating.

This world that you’re grounded in isn’t here for eternity. This world is not a permanent residence for a human being. One who takes birth, has to go back to the final home.

Now you’re not able to fix your heart by thinking about the loss. Know that it is not a loss, it is just a separation between you and your parent. And this separation is among one of the heaviest tests you must go through in order to embrace Allah.

You’re one day going to meet your lost parent again. See the face, communicate, cuddle and narrate your longing. However, you’re, before you even know, put to a greater longing, a bigger and deeper separation after your birth to this world “the longing due to the separation with your lord”. Prophet Adam was able to see Allah, and live in Allah’s favourite place Jannah. But then Satan misused his instincts against him and Prophet adam was sent down to the world to live in Allah’s separation.

Nevertheless, Allah still forgave him and filled the human life with His mercy and blessings. He bestowed Humans with the beauty of the nature, emotions and thoughts. He endowed Knowledge, delicious foods, spouses, kids, family for Us. All of this was the part of Allah’s creation plan.

Resultantly, You’re here to recognize Allah, who is your God and Creator. You’re here to love Him and live in His remembrance. And to Be steadfast in your maker’s tests.

The void created by your lost parent will only be refilled by your creator. Allah is both your and your parent’s Creator and this pain that you’re feeling has a Divine purpose. You have to open your eyes to the reality, and submerge into your soul to find yourself again.

As for your parent’s departure; Do you think that the One who created this world wanted suffering, injustice and violence here? There are some calamities fixed by Allah for a stronger test of the believers for example illness, sickness, disability and disease but Man has diluted dunya, it originated evil and introduced killing, violence and injustice. In this painful state; a soul returning to His Lord would be in much peaceful and better place. Indeed, the next world which is the full manifestation of Allah’s attributes is a way better residence compared to this world.

Allah, the Almighty, the God of all the Universes — doesn’t want to leave you in suffering too. He doesn’t want you to look at life the way you are looking it with.

It’s He who blessed you with your parents and it’s He who took them away – all willingly, knowingly.

Your parents are more beloved to Allah than they are to yourself. He created every son of adam with his own hands and blew His spirit into them. He created your parents and He was, and still is closer to them than their jugular vein.

We are all here for a test. There is a life beyond this material world – feel it. There is a spiritual life – experience it. You are connected to your parents Spiritually. Send your parent great Spiritual rewards by being the best demonstration of a human-being and a believer here. Do sadqa/charity for them. Make dua for them.

The world is not a permanent place. Everyone must go one after the other. So shall you, I and everyone else. I’m sure your parent had taught you a lot of things. Be His best child here, so the angles shall tell him about you, and He/She feels at peace.

Until you have a meeting with your parent again in the hereafter, work on your relationship with Allah. Read the Book of God (Al Quran), Reflect on the signs of the Universe and those that are within your ownself. Work to Find out your true purpose of life (Which is to get closer to your Rab). Be a best believer here.

Allah is waiting for your reconnection and repentance. He is Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim. No one is as merciful as He is.