Quotes of Wisdom and Spiritual Strength

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When we’re into everyday chaos; it lowers down our spirit and tells us to believe every false thing that our lower-self develops. Such situations should be recognized and altered.

You can change a situation only if you change your mind by feeding it with wisdom. We’re sharing some quotes of Wisdom and Spiritual Strength that may prove to be helpful for some fellow beings.

It’s important to understand that, Wisdom is both: a prerequisite and situational settlement. It’s achieved by becoming true to oneself. It helps you to make the decision of when to do something and when not to.

The height of Wisdom is the discovery of God/Allah, and adapting to the teachings of His final Messenger — Prophet Muhammad, may peace and God’s blessings be upon him. Below are some mixed Quotes of Wisdom and Spiritual Strength that are possibly helpful for dealing with everyday problems, building wisdom and spiritual strength, and also to discover God.

Ten Quotes of Wisdom and Spiritual Strength:

  1. There is a field, a place, or more accurately a moment which take you to eternity; a non-destructible place, which no one can see but you. A timeless dimension. If you find Allah there, you find him through the height of intellect and spiritual power.
  2. Don’t ever estimate the possibility of the spirit, because everytime you do, you underestimate it.
  3. The more you conquer, the more you need to humble yourself. The more you know, the more you need not to show. Slow down and be quieter. It is a stance of great wisdom.
  4. Hate is immense because it tells you that it is, and love is dominant because it tells you that it is. So who you’re listening to?
  5. The gatherings around you keep you distracted from reaching your innerself. Spend some time alone, and feel the luminosity reviving within.
  6. Not all the time, the negativity you observe in most of the situations, is true. It maybe your ability to see the worst of things. What you think, shapes your reality.
  7. People deserve to reach their deep roots, as that’s what determine how they look from the top-view.
  8. You’re tired with the cruelty of the world; the negative tendencies of people, and overall distress force you to negate everything and everyone out there. But, there you must stop and reflect upon what you’re constantly feeding your mind. If you continue to look upon the pessimistic side of the world, It’ll become a part of you, and you’ll start to reject every possibility of goodness. What you need to do is, to believe in positivity because it is contagious.
  9. Intention matters a lot. There’ll be time when nothing will push you forward in life daily than your good intention. When intention is purified, things get automatically done; Allah ta’lah places barakah in it. This applies to all the big and small works that you do daily.
  10. You must stop questioning your Positive side. Never ask – “What good shall it return me to be good?” To hold onto goodness in itself is an achievement because the holder elevates from the average people through placing this virtue. Goodness expands your innerself. It cannot stay where the glass is too small. So, there is no self but a bigger self, and a bigger self thinks out of a normal working mind.

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