Our Countless Wishes and Allah’s Mercy.

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Bismillah Ir’rahman ir’rahim. Praise be to Allah the most gracious, the most merciful.

There’s so much in life that one can just wish upon. Things that are beyond the range of accessibility, beyond the size of the pocket but we still dare to dream and dare to imagine out of every impossibility. Wish upon a wish. Here’s to our countless wishes and Allah’s mercy.

In the earlier times, people used to know things through Newspapers and Books, the history of places, the inventions of things and lifestyles were admired by those who knew how to surf the sources.

But today, when the world is just a word away on google, the craving for more has reached out its peak. Facebook and Instagram fields are filled with those beautiful sunsets, the glory of historical places and the technological advancement in lifestyles that resultantly, people have become distressed and unsatisfied with their lives.

As humans, we’ve always craved for different things but every time what wrong do we do is being fully consumed by that desire to close the outside exposure.

Isn’t that true when we google our dreams and stare at the photos of those places and things and imagine experiencing their acquaintance one day; We’re then suddenly filled with an empty feeling in our hearts that saddens our soul?

Some people with a higher level of faith, hope for the better but are never the complainers. But for many of us, the feelings lead us to feel deprived. Here I’m knocked by this beautiful Ayah of the Quran that says:

“And it is He who has brought you to life, then He will cause you to die, then bring you to life (again); most surely man is very ungrateful” — (22:66)

It is as Allah ta’lah is complaining to mankind about their attitude; that how ungrateful you are to not see what we have already given you.

. . .

Deprivation comes after ungratefulness. It’s the ability to reject all the gifts and favours of Allah and demand more. That’s because man fails to overlook the beauty of his desires and stop living in the present moment.

I happened to read a chapter in the Book “Reclaim your heart” Written by Yasmine Mogahed, where she perfectly states out:

“Study, reflect, absorb the beauty and majesty of what’s created—but don’t stop there. Don’t lose yourself in beauty. Look beyond it and consider that if the creation is that majestic, that great, that beautiful, how majestic and great and beautiful must be the Creator. — Reclaim your Heart. Page 32

Throughout history, Muslims have been blessed with many bounties. Not alone the witnessing blessings of an individual’s life but the secrets of here and the hereafter are revealed upon the believers. The divine guidance through Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the greatest of all the blessings for those who know.
We lose it when we close our eyes for the bestowed blessings and want more and more.

So what should we do?

To deal with this situation, we must quickly remind ourselves of all the blessings we already have in life. If we look closely; we are already someone goal from little to bigger things such as Our homes, clothes, belongings, education, parents or even sincere relationships are other people’s dream. There is always something of us present in the moment that somebody else wishes upon.

That’s how we are all fixed upon an equilibrium. We’re purposely given these inadequacies. Allah ta’lah judges us with these missing blocks. In fact, He wants us to search for the giant blessings of life that surpasses an individual’s materialistic interest.

Therefore, We must be thankful to Allah ta’lah for blessing us with a bigger purpose of this life; that is to find him, to be close to him, and to stay steadfast in this worldly test.

Otherwise, who could be a bigger loser than the one who was given a perfect intellect, a fully beaming soul and a beautiful heart yet he failed to look into it?
Or the one, who was to be blessed with Allah himself but he chose the material gain over it?

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