Nouman Ali Khan Complete Life Story, Biography, & Other Details

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Do you listen to Nouman Ali Khan? Are you astonished by his understanding of the Quran? than you probably would like to know about his biography and life story.

His journey from being a Design Director to a full-time Arabic Instructor sure had divine help. Allah always assists sincere hearts. Keep on learning.

  1. Nouman Ali Khan is an Arabic Instructor, Muslim speaker and the founder of the Bayyinah institute.
  2. He taught Arabic to thousands of Muslims. His Islamic videos have positively impacted millions of muslims all across the globe.
  3. He is counted among today’s most famous and followed muslim speakers.

Quick Information:

Personal info:

Full Name:Nouman Ali Khan
Display Name:Nouman Ali Khan
Date of Birth:May 4, 1978
Age (2022):44
Marital Status:Married
Birthplace:Berlin, Germany
Location (Current):Taxes, America

Educational Info:

Qualification:Bacholers in Computer Science
Languages:German, Spanish, Urdu, English, Arabic
School name:Pakistan International School in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
College name:Brook college in New York city
University name:N/A
Islamic Education:1. 3 week Crash Course with Dr Abdus Samie

2. Self studied Arabic language

3. Leant from many Scholars
Teachers (of Islamic education)Dr. Abdus-Samie

Professional Info:

Profession1. Design Director – left
2. Arabic Instructor – current job
Professional Experience23 years (as an Arabic teacher)
Achievements1. Founded Bayyinah TV online

2. Launched 30- Days Quran intensive course, 60 – Days Dream course, and 22 other courses

3. Started Recording his Quranic Tafseer

4. Organized many national and international events, lectures and tours

Cultural Info:

Ethnicity:Pakistani Muslim

Religious Info:

School of thought:Only Muslim

Physical Stats: (2022)

Height:In feets – 6’0 (approx)
Weight:In kilograms – 78 kg
In lbs/pounds – 172 pounds
Eye colour:Hazel Grey
Hair colour:Black

Popularity Stats:

Famous for:Videos on his plain-speech on the Quran, & understandable advice to the youngsters.
Influenced:5 Million
Social Media following (2022):Facebook: 2.7M
Twitter: 373k
YouTube: 1.33M
Social Media Views (2022):YouTube: 147B

Income Stats:

Income (approx):Not known
Income Source:Bayyinah TV

Family Info:

Sons:Khalid Khan
Daughters:Husna Khan and 6 more
Siblings:Not Specified
Father Name:N/A
Mother Name:N/A

Nouman Ali Khan Life Story:

Nouman Ali Khan was born in Berlin, Germany (May 4, 1978) to a Muslim family. His first language was german. He lived in Germany for six years and then flew to Pakistan. Nouman’s father worked for Pakistan’s embassy, therefore, he along with his family shifted to different countries.

Nouman has a natural talent to adopt languages quickly, so he learned Urdu very well during that short six months span in Pakistan.

He then moved to Riyadh Saudi Arabia; where he continued his education in an Urdu medium school.

In the mid-1992, Nouman came back to Pakistan and completed his 9th grade there.

Life took a roll and Nouman Ali Khan came to New york city in 1993, He was 15 years old by then. He completed all his high school and college education in New york, while his parents shifted back to Pakistan, leaving him in the US to complete his studies.

He struggled in New york city like a normal college student, studying for 9 credit hours daily followed by a 40 hours weekly Job. He self-studied Arabic between this tough routine and became an Arabic teacher later.

Nouman Ali Khan’s Relation with Islam:

According to Nouman Ali Khan, his childhood and mid-teens were pretty ordinary. He was not religious. He lived almost like every other child with a normal schooling system.

He did not know much about Islam until his mid-sixteen; where he saw a very strange dream that made him research Islam on a deeper level.

Nouman says that the dream visualized a scene where he was laying in his grave, surrounded by fire and a voice said – “This is because you don’t pray.”

He added, that the dream had a great impact on him, but not a very long-lasting one. He never used to pray. But one day, through his friend he got an opportunity to offer magrib namaz; and there he was with extreme calmness and serenity. Nouman says he found so much peace in namaz. He started praying regularly after that.

How did Nouman became interested in Arabic?

Nouman’s relationship with the Arabic language begun when he was given a college assignment to compare the story of joseph in the bible with the story of Yusuf in the Quran. He observed Quran had not had many details of names, locations, and other things. And he started thinking why? He had his philosophical questions in mind.

He said that his spiritual side and philosophical side started juggling. But, whenever he came to the Quran with questions, the Quran always answered him.

Meanwhile, Nouman Ali khan observed that still something was missing, maybe the regular translations weren’t satisfying him greatly.

He realized that no translation could reach the real potential of the Arabic Quran. As he wanted to understand the Quran, He decided to learn the Arabic language.

How did he learn Arabic?

Nouman Ali khan made a great effort to learn the Arabic language. His story of learning is equally emotional and inspiring for all the Muslim Ummah. If a believer works for something sincerely, Allah surely helps him surpass all.

Nouman’s tough study and work routine barely gave him time to relax, but he choose to learn Arabic anyway. He self-studied Arabic for three months to notice that he lacked practice. He couldn’t afford a good Arabic dictionary, therefore, he went to the Arabs section of his college and asked people to tell him what some words meant in Quran.

Later, he met an Arabic scholar Dr. Abdus Samie from Pakistan and learned Arabic under his guidance. He did a 3-week crash course with him and further studied Arabic all on his own. Nouman considers himself an advanced student of the Arabic language; he is reluctant to call himself a scholar.

How did he become an Arabic Teacher?

Nouman Ali khan first started teaching Arabic to his friends. They encouraged him to keep going. He grabbed every possible opportunity to teach the language. He gave his first khutbah to 500 people at 21 years of age.

Other Details:

Nouman Ali Khan’s Profession:

Nouman Ali khan was a web developer before he officially became an Arabic Teacher/Instructor. He worked as a design director for a company. Later when the company laid off all employees, Nouman tried his luck in teaching Arabic in New york city; where he recognized his great love for tutoring the subject.

Nouman Ali Khan Country:

Nouman Ali khan stayed in Germany, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia before permanently moving to the United States. He lived his pre-teens in Berlin; and mid-teens in Islamabad, and Riyadh. He moved to New york city for his high school and college education. He lives in taxes, America now.

Nouman Ali Khan Education:

Nouman Ali khan did spend his pre-school years in Germany. He studied at Pakistan International School in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he finished 8 grades. He completed 9th grade in Pakistan. Nouman Ali Khan completed his High School and College studies in Queens, New york. His college name was brook college in New york city.

Nouman Ali Khan Languages:

Nouman Ali khan learnt five languages in different life cycles; which includes German, Spanish, English, Urdu, and Arabic. Khan states that He has forgotten German and Spanish, however, he frequently uses the rest of the three languages in his lectures to address an international audience.

Nouman Ali Khan Religion:

Nouman Ali Khan is a born Muslim. He remained agnostic until he saw a strange dream in his sixteen that lead him towards learning Islam.

Nouman Ali Khan Books:

Nouman Ali Khan wrote four books. The names are as follows;

  • Revive your Heart: Putting Life on Perspective (2017)
  • Divine Speech: Exploring the Quran as Literature (2017)
  • Arabic with Husna Book 2 (2016)
  • Arabic With Husna Book 1 (2006)

What’s Inspiring about his story?

To us, Nouman Ali Khan’s most inspiring aspect is his ability to communicate through Quran.

He learnt Arabic so well that he knows how to enable people to perceive Quran rightly. He gives amazing details on Quranic words and talks about Quran in people friendly way.

He makes Quran relatable and easy to understand for every Muslim no matter young, adult, or old.

Nouman Ali khan taught Quranic Arabic to thousands of Muslims across the globe. He changed millions of people’s lives through his online video lectures.

His understanding of the Quran altered people’s beliefs and helped them practice Islam more mindfully. In the end, it is indeed a man, with a sincere heart.

What Inspires you about him? let us know in the comment section below.