How to Forgive Someone?

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How to forgive someone? It’s both, a curious and heart-wrenching question. The majority of us are struggling with forgiving a special person whom we’ve given more than our capacity; Whom we’ve loved more than we loved ourselves; Whom we’ve taken care of more than we ever did for ourselves but from whom we did expect a little extra as well.

Let me tell you a little secret here; You cannot ever forgive someone unless you see behind doing so, a bigger truth; and by not doing so, the biggest loss. It’s only then you willingly and eagerly let go of the prevailing hurts that the person caused you. 

Forgiveness is not easy because it’s a spiritual strength.


Coming out of the dark place where you’ve been put by the special ones, and to enlarge your arms again for them seems impossible. But in reality, when there’s a higher power behind you, which pushes you to do better; there’s no way you can’t make it. You cannot forgive someone unless you’re willing to forgive and you cannot willingly do so until you see behind it something that is more deeper than your hurt.

Forgiveness is a virtue that draws a man closer to his maker. It helps him being in communion with God. By forgiving the oppressor, a person gains something that’s more precious than the jewels of this world; a quality common between him and his maker.

It’s the quality of Allah to forgive humankind. For a believer, there is nothing more beautiful than learning to forgive someone from his lord. There’s nothing more satisfying for a believer than to adopt a quality that of his creator; to look upto his God for improvement. A believer finds eternal peace acknowledging Allah’s mercy and hence trying best to become mercy for the fellow beings.

There’s no bigger truth to keep in mind while choosing to forgive someone than to realize that you’re making a trade with your lord.

  • There’s no higher achievement than to gain your creator in exchange of your emotions.
  • There’s no higher loss than to lose a chance to get closer to him a little more.

Forgiveness purifies the soul of the forgiver; It makes a vast place within that person, helps maintain inner peace, and heads forward to a tranquil life. It teaches one to look beyond the hurt, and offer a positive exchange of what one has done. Forgiveness helps a person develop a great feeling of accomplishment by achieving a higher moral standard.

This is one side of forgiveness, while the other offers God in exchange.


Even after knowing all the features of forgiveness, someone might ignore all of them just because the level of damage done to him could not be compensated. No worldly relationship is capable to push you towards a thrilling and eternal transformation; Allah alone is the ultimate healer. No evidence is stronger except what is related to Allah.

Therefore, you cannot forgive someone unless you trade your emotions for your maker, and it becomes easy for you when you have the love of Allah within yourself. A love relationship with the creator makes a person spiritually strong, forgiveness becomes easy for him and eventually there comes a time when all his expectations gets attached to God alone; No hurt seems deadly anymore except what digs a distance between him and his creator.

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