How to Become Like Dr Zakir Naik? Tips and Life story

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If you already know who is Dr zakir naik, then you are probably wondering next ‘how to become like Dr zakir naik?’ If so then the first thing to acknowledge is that you can be like him.

How to Become Like Dr Zakir Naik:

Dr Zakir naik started like any one of us. He started giving dawah at the age of 21 to his close people, friends, family and teachers.

At that time he neither know Arabic nor he was a Hafizul Quran. He was just a medical student who wanted to contribute in Islam.

And within the span of 9 years he became a worldwide sensation.

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5 Tips to be Like Him:

1. Identify Your Dawah Goal

If you wish to become like Dr zakir naik, then the first thing you need to do is to identify your goal or purpose of dawah. What change do you want to bring into this world through your dawah work? In order to be like Dr zakir naik your goal should be similar to that of him. Dr zakir naik’s goal is to ‘remove misconceptions about Islam using Quran, authentic hadith and other religious scriptures on the basis of logic and science.’

2. Choose a Teacher

The second step is to find a right teacher for yourself. A teacher is your source from where you’ll learn important islamic content to preach it. Make sure your teacher shares a common goal with you. We suggest you to choose Dr zakir naik as your first teacher.

3. Choose your Content:

The third step is to choose which part of your teacher’s content you’ll focus first. Taking an example of dr zakir naik, he has covered a variety of subjects like misconceptions about Islam, Quran and modern science, Similarities between Islam and different religions etc.

4. Start Small

The forth step is to take small but quality steps. After you select your learning content, then you’ll have to read books or watch video lectures related to it. Make notes of references and important points, and memorize one by one. Don’t wish to become a scholar in a day or so.

5. Start within Community

The final step to be like dr zakir naik is to start doing dawah within your community. Teach what you learn overtime. It’s not a big deal as your goal should be to improve slowly. You shouldn’t be confused in counter-questioning situation. If you don’t know an answer, smile and simply say “It’s new to me too, let me cover it and get back to you.” This way you’ll give the other person a positive vibe that this person loves learning and doesn’t blindly follow his/her religion.

The most epic part in dr zakir naik’s life story is that he did not wait to become a certified Islamic scholar to contribute in Islam.

It’s important for you to learn about his life story, only then you could guess what he did to be where he is now. As no great man is made over night.

Dr Zakir Naik’s Life Story

Dr Zakir Naik was born on 18th, October, 1965 in Mumbai, Maharastra, India. His parents were practicing Muslims but they never forced Islamic rituals on him from the beginning.

He was an excessive stammerer in childhood, who couldn’t pronounce his name without struggling hard and failed many speaking tests. But he was an excellent student, who loved mathematics and dreamt of becoming a surgical doctor one day.

His Education:

Dr. Zakir naik completed his school in Mumbai, India, finished his A levels, and later admitted to a medical college.

His medical university was in Karnataka, so he finished his first medical year there and then shifted back to Mumbai ‘Topiwala National Medical College’ to complete his degree.

The Turning Point of Life:

He met “Sheikh Ahmed Deedat” in Mumbai, who came to India for a week. When he attended his lecture his life completely changed and that was a life turning point for him.

How He Became an Islamic Orator?

Dr Zakir naik heard Sheikh Ahmed deedat for the first time in 1987, His research and grip on comparative religion inspired him greatly. After the lecture, he purchased and memorized five cassettes of Ahmed deedat. He was just 21 years old at that time.

After a few months, He met Ahmed deedat for a second time in India, who invited him to his house in South Africa. Dr. Zakir naik went to meet him there, and he was offered to participate in an international dawah training program.

But due to his second year of medical studies, he couldn’t participate in that program. To his return, Sheikh Ahmed deedat handed him his 50 cassettes and Dr. Zakir naik memorized them all in the next years. He started doing dawah in India with all the knowledge he gained from those 50 cassettes.

His Dawah Journey:

Dr Zakir naik’s dawah journey started in 1988. He was giving dawah to the accessible people. For the next 8 years, he invited Christen missionaries and Hindu pandits to Islam. He even invited his professors in medical college to Islam.

He Opened a Small Research Center:

In 1991, his passion reached to a point that he thought of opening a dawah center. But he was a student and couldn’t afford a place and operating expenses, so he asked his father to finance his idea. Upon agreeing, he opened “Islamic Research Foundation” in a small area of 25 fit square with a minimum budget of 67 dollars. He filled this small organization with Sheikh Ahmed deedat’s books and cassettes. His tiny dawah center aimed to invite local speakers who could give a lecture and answer the public’s questions.

His Lucky Day:

One day in his research center, a speaker dismissed the speech, and Dr. Zakir naik had to take his place.

He skillfully handled the question-answer session. It was the first time he appeared in front of 25 people – which he couldn’t even dreamt of being a stammerer.

A Miracle Happened ! !

Dr Zakir Naik saw a miracle. As he was a stammerer from childhood, but as soon as he went on the stage to speak, his stammer ended, and when – down the stage – he spoke to his friends or family, his stammer started again. This happened with him all his life, even today. Subhan’Allah. This is How he stepped into public speeches.

Two Great People of His Life:

Two people inspired Dr Zakir naik; Shiekh Ahmed deedat and Dr Israr ahmed.

Shiekh Ahmed deedat taught him comparative religion, while Dr. Israr ahmed taught him two life changing lessons that transformed his dawah work completely. He went to meet Dr. Israr Ahmed in Pakistan around 1991.

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How Zakir Naik Became Famous?

Dr. Zakir naik only had medical education and no Islamic education – all his speeches were his learning from the video cassettes of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat.

He personally recorded only 4 lectures in 1996, at the age of 31 and they became viral. It was because people started copying his lectures and distributed them all across the globe. He started getting invitations from all over the world to give a lecture and become highly famous. That’s how he began to give international speeches. The secret of dr zakir naik’s popularity lays in his sincerity and dedication towards spreading the real islam.

How Dr Zakir Naik gained so much Knowledge?

Dr Zakir naik learned everything from Sheikh Ahmed Deedat untill 1996, when he had a stroke and stopped recording new lectures. At that point Dr Zakir naik realized that he needed to self-study Islam, and do his self-analysis for dawah work.

He knew three things in 1996 that,

  • He didn’t know Arabic
  • He never went to any Islamic university.
  • He didn’t memorize the Quran

So, he decided to learn Arabic. Dr Zakir naik searched for the world’s best Arabic teacher who could teach Arabic to a non-Arab and found ‘Dr. V Abdur Rehman’ – the head of the Arabic department at Madinah University, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Zakir naik studied 5 hours of Arabic with him daily for 2 months.

Next, he learned the knowledge of Hadith from ‘Sheikh Zia ur Rahman Azmi’ – the head of the hadith department, at Madina University, Saudia. He studied 4 hours twice a week for two months.

He met various great scholars of that time and learned Islamic Jurisprudence, Literature, Mantiq (Logic and Reason), and many other subjects from them.

He taught what he learned and never waited to gain all the Islamic knowledge to start his dawah work.

This is how a gem was polished to shine out in the world. Muslims and Non-Muslims across the globe are learning from his lectures.

Take Away from His story:

You don’t need to have an Islamic degree to start dawah work, you can start with as little as one lecture and later advance your skillset in necessary areas. 

6 Inspiring Things about Dr Zakir Naik:

  1. He debated with his Hindu professors of medical college without worrying about getting failed, due to the love of truth.
  2. Being a full time student with no funds, he didn’t lose hope in starting a dawah organization. He wanted to make a change, so he did with some limited resources.
  3. He never learned from any Islamic institute, but did dawah work by Self-learning.
  4. He taught what he learned and never waited to gain all the Islamic knowledge to start his dawah work.
  5. He spread the word of Allah Almighty so passionately that Indian government felt insecure and banned him in the country. Thus he had to make Hijrah (Migration) from India to Malaysia in 2017.
  6. While in the question-answer session people curse him, he still compose himself. And smiles a lot, without being furious.


Any person who has sincerity and dedication can become like dr zakir naik. He wanted to serve Islam and his Ikhlas has been accepted in Allah’s court. Hard work is in your hands and grant is from Allah.