How to be happier in life?

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“Happiness is in no way Unachievable; it is indeed for you as it’s for everyone else. This life has a share of its sweetness for you as well, and that’s what should excite you and push you forward.”

What is Happiness?

Happiness is in the recognition that You’re Blessed. It’s in the solemn observation that Allah has gifted you many things, not just abilities but beautiful relationships too. The Almighty’s blessings are innumerable: everytime you start counting them, you always end up discovering countless other.

Why should you be happier in life?

There are many people in the world or around you who haven’t been that lucky as you have. God has given you so much for what he kept others deprived of; let it not be financial stability or luxurious life, but the tiny details of your life can prove how blessed you are.

  • You have eyes to witness the beauty of this world, whereas so many people are blind.
  • You have the ability to hear the sounds of nature, while many don’t.
  • You have the power to walk and lift your arms, whereas so many people are spending their lives on wheelchairs and crutches.
  • You have a home while many are homeless. They sleep on the cold roads and wander out.
  • You have a meal three times a day on your table while people are dying out of hunger.
  • You have family members, beloved and friends who care for you genuinely while so many people have none of them.

Similarly, tons of examples can lead you to the road to Happiness. You just need an eye to look deep down into yourself.

The Negative Mind:

When you start getting happier in life, something pushes you back and keeps on reminding you of your sorrow, hardships, and deprivations; Ever you thought, what’s that inclination?

It is your negative mind. You get inhabited to remember the cruelty of the world so much that whenever you begin to smile, your Negative Mind constantly knocks at you and asks you to remain depressed forever. It’s wrong to lock yourself in the cage of misery. You deserve to be happy, and for that, you should turn off your negative mind.

Happiness is always within You. Do not look it outside of yourself. It’s in your acceptance, affirmation, and willingness to look beyond what you want and start counting what you have!

Five Affirmations to be happier in life:

1. Happiness is in the moment you breathe:

It’s not related to something that you’ll have in the future or that what was in your past; Happiness is in the present moment. It’s not about achieving countless desires but being aware of your possessions.

2. Happiness is within you, but it’s not about you:

You shouldn’t just relate happiness with yourself; for example with your physical or emotional needs. Happiness is not always about you, it can be about others too. Sometimes putting up a smile on someone’s face, mitigating the pain of a sad heart, providing for someone, fulfilling the need of an impoverished is what can give you true happiness.

The eternal source of happiness is making others happy.

3. Happiness is identifying your real personality:

Happiness comes to you when you identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on them to polish yourself. The world needs to see the true you, and humanity needs to be benefitted from it. When you see your words, actions, behavior or work (anything of you) changing something inside of a person; fixing his or her lense towards life; and taking him or her towards a better end, that’s where you attain true happiness.

Self-love shines through you.

Therefore, identifying one’s true personality and working towards self-improvement is also a way to become happier in life.

4. Happiness is in the little things:

Big mansions, luxury cars, and expensive clothes aren’t what going to give you true happiness. The definition of happiness is very simple; It’s in the ordinary things and can be found anywhere. That’s why finding a bar of hidden chocolate with a love note seems to worth more than the jewels of the world.

5. Happiness is in building strong relationships with God:

It’s undeniable that your relationship with God drags you back from your darkest moments. The better you’re in terms with the God, the more you’re contented and happy; the more you’re far from God, the more you’ll feel lost.

How to be Happier in Life? [Practice Guide]

Step 1: Sit down at a peaceful and comfortable place: where there is no distraction.

If you cannot find such a place then select a cosy corner of your room where nobody else is present; or go for a walk in the garden, at your roof, or somewhere close to nature. Place yourself there.

Step 2: Deeply reflect upon the grounds of your Happiness. What makes you happy?

Happiness is different for everyone. For some, it’s with the family; for some, it’s confined in their hobbies; for some, it’s with pets and nature; for some, it’s in the outing, socializing, or even being in the company of friends, relatives, and for some it’s in the Solitude. You genuinely need to look into yourself and determine what makes you happier. Chances are you get unable to figure out that, the simple trick is to identify the ways to get you happy is in simply asking yourself. Once you recognize your thing, then follow the next step.

Step 3: Feel Blessed for having at least one thing to be happy about.

You should offer gratitude to God Almighty by praying. If it’s a human-being for whom you’re feeling blessed, express it directly to him or her after being thankful to God.

Step 4: Take a deep breath, let all the positivity be inhaled inside you, and smile.


We conclude that the realization of being blessed make human happier, and there is no other definite statement comparatively. One must look below their status to find ultimate happiness.