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Today’s book day brings you Homegirl Book Review from Nemrah Ahmed’s book list

Home Girl is a small self-help book by Nemrah Ahmed Niazi. Nemrah Ahmed is a famous Urdu fiction writer from Pakistan. Her books inspire many people, especially teenage and young girls helping them live meaningful and Godly life.

Like the rest, Homegirl also tries to instill Islamic values into the readers.

The book has a variety of topics that are important to learn for a young Pakistani girl.

At first, I thought, it was a book about personal hygiene. For example, It teaches girls the importance of cleanliness and how one can live a purely healthy and cleansed life.

But as I flipped through the pages, to my surprise it touched ALMOST ALL topics that make an ordinary girl a real HomeGirl.

The book Homegirl is a personal guide to bodily care, home decor, and home management.

It is nearly 93 pages; which consists of 12 brief chapters. The subject sequence of the chapters are like this;

  • Chapter 1 to 4 is about Personal Hygiene.
  • Chapter 5 is about Kitchen cleanliness
  • Chapter 6 is about Decluttering
  • Chapter 7 is about Organizing your Home
  • Chapter 8 is about Re- Modeling your Home
  • Chapter 9 is about Lightening your Home.
  • Chapter 10 is about Painting your Home.
  • Chapter 11 is about Ethics
  • Chapter 12 is about Hospitality.

Most of Nehmra’s readers are between the age of 16 – 24, and I think she has managed to relate with them on so many amazing levels. She doesn’t only teach their minds but also inspires them to take a step forward. Home Girl is also a glimpse of it.

Who should read Home Girl?

Besides especially written for young girls, Home Girl can be read by any Muslim woman despite her age.

Why should i read this book?

This book relates to a normal Pakistani girl’s life and urges her to adopt a hygienic lifestyle while beautifying and managing her house. If you want to adopt a clean and positive personality; if you want your home to look elegant In a small budget, If you want people to like your ethics and hospitality then do read it. As this book is going to give you several tips and ideas on how to do it.


5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

In-depth Review of the Book:

What do I like most about the book?

First, there are a lot of misconceptions about bodily cleanliness in pure Muslim societies and it wasn’t very clearly discussed in a friendly way. I am glad Nemrah Ahmed has lifted her pen on this topic to educate our young girls about maintaining personal hygiene while not crossing the prescribed limits of Allah.  

Second, through the journey of Hunain Yusuf, she tries to create a strong personality within a delicate cultural girl. She teaches young girls the importance of decision-making. How right decisions (about themselves and their homes) can strengthen their personas.

Third, the book has some great ideas (tips & tricks) about home decor and home management. Apparently, a small Pakistani home can be beautifully furnished and decorated with a little investment.

A big part of Homegirl is about home decor. It feels like a small trip decorating one room to another until the entire house becomes elegant and delightful.

Forth, She highlights the importance of inner beauty — the beauty of speech, actions, and behaviors along with physical beauty.

Do you want to buy Nemrah Ahmed’s Homegirl?

Maybe you’d want some pros and cons.


  1. The book guides you about personal hygiene from an Islamic point of view.
  2. It tells you the ways to become a strong-headed home artist.  
  3. It gives you some amazing ideas on de-cluttering, re-modeling, painting, fixing lights, and organizing your home (cupboards, dressing table, and overall things).
  4. It shares tips to have good manners with everyone and adopt a hospitable attitude.
  5. It uses easy-to-read sentences: which means no difficult words.
  6. It’s written in a funny and thought-provoking language.
  7. It uses a Communicative and Fictional writing style — no dry information.
  8. It’s relatable for most Muslim societies. If translated than other than Pakistanis — this book can also help Indians, Bangladeshi, and other young, adult Asian Muslims.


  1. It is written in the Urdu Language. Other language readers cannot learn from it.
  2. It doesn’t provide a chart of things at the end. You’ll need to create your own chart, for things you should practice in daily life.

How to buy Homegirl by Nemrah Ahmed?

Homegirl is privately published by Nemrah Ahmed’s own book store “Zanjabeel“; It’s an online store. You can directly order the book from Zanjabeel bookstore’s official website.

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