Five tips to become a Good Person

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Bismillah ir rahman ir’rahim. 

Life is short. Every passing hour is taking us one step nearer to death. Such a thought isn’t intended to cast hollowness but to remind one not to miss any chance of goodness that can bring meaning to the life.

Good people do not only improve their lives but also impact many other with positivity. They encourage others to self-assess and take their journey towards self-nourishment.

There are many books and personal reflections that speak about it, but I’ve jotted down my five tips to become a good person that has always helped me to improve the way I live and communicate with the fellow beings. Below are them with further details.

The Five Golden Tips

Here, I am quickly sharing my Five fundamental tips to become a good person. I hope you find it helpful. If you do, share your thoughts with me in the comment section at the end of the blog.

1. Be Quiet Around People:

By saying this, I don’t mean you to stop speaking with people but to speak when it’s necessary. Be someone who listens more than someone who speaks. Often, we miss developing the right connection with people and jump to conclusions; it’s because we want to say things and share our ideas of people and their situations. But this makes us construct premature judgments and part harsh or invaluable suggestions. 

Don’t judge people straightaway, rather give them some space to pour out their hearts.

Be empathetic with them; make people feel comfortable with you. Try to understand their condition. Your silence can connect you with humans and their emotional selves. It can help you reach out to the true self of people. Therefore, it’s very important to develop the habit of being quiet around people. To become a better person, It’s crucial to practice speaking less and listening more.

2. Advise them:

A human connection is built when you wish good for others: when you genuinely want them to lead a righteous and prosperous life. Many a time, our closest friends or even those who we least interact with come up to us from nowhere and start sharing their stories of life. Oftentimes, those stories seem not like a fairytale: where there’s always good going on, and that’s what life is, with all its imperfection. 

If you understand the reason then you should help others look at their problems from a different perspective.

After listening to people consciously and emphatically, bring forward a good thought or convey healthy advice. In Islam, this act of goodness is considered as a charity. You please Allah (subhanu wa ta’lah) by helping someone come out of their dark palaces and experience life. 

3. Be Generous:

Being a good person means to always have a giving hand. Giving does not limit to monetary allowance, but it could also be one’s Attitude and Behavioral pattern. For example, being available for others, spreading countless smiles, sharing a pile of precious knowledge, discussing life lessons, teaching the word of God (The Holy Quran) and contemplation over Quranic verses, making others feel the love of the most merciful, hence being willing to give all that you have. This type of giving never reduce you to anything instead it places one on a higher spiritual level. 

Be generous in everything and be it every day.

Always be the first one to impart all the goodness that you possess, but there’s a rule for it: Do not expect to have the slightest return for your virtues. Never expect to receive generosity in return for generosity because you have to be the one who teaches the universe what it looks like. You have to sow the seed of goodness in the hearts of other people.

4. Value your Relationships:

If you want to become a good human then you should take care of your relationships. You do not choose your parents, siblings, relatives or even your childhood best friends, but in them, Allah (subhanu wa ta’lah) kept peace and comfort for you. That’s why you are for them, and they are for you. No matter what worse happen between your relationship: you should be the tie-maker, not the tiebreaker. It is what your Rab expects from you. 

Give importance to your relationships; to what they have to say, what they feel or think about something. Make them feel special. It is a blessing by Allah for which you must be grateful. 

Perform little acts of kindness for them. I.e., Make your brother’s room, wash the dishes for your sister, sit with your parents and listen to them. Despite being busy, call your best friend and share some moments. Visit your relatives, bring small gifts, or bake a cake someday. When you add value to your relationships, you get to experience life as a blessing. 

5. Do not exceed Allah’s Limits:

Allah has kept goodness in all the matters of believers. This doesn’t mean that the believers never face evil of any form within the world but that (سمعنا و اطعنا) “They listen to their Creator and obey”. The prescribed limits of Allah are there to save humans from the impurity of the soul. When a soul gets diluted with evil, it tends to forget the importance of goodness. Hence it indulges in all kinds of unhealthy and dangerous actions. 

A believer understands the wisdom of Allah behind making something prohibited.

The believers look upon things through the lense of Wisdom. They trust Allah for setting up a limit for a particular activity. They lead a life according to what the Creator has prescribed. It is that there is always goodness in everything for the believers. If one wants to become a good human then that person needs to amend all his or her personal affairs with the divine guidance.

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