Who is Dr Zakir Naik? Life story, Facts, Books, FAQs

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Have you been watching Dr Zakir Naik mind-blowing videos on YouTube? His logical answers on Islam and Comparative religion have changed Millions of lives. Do you want to be like Dr Zakir Naik?

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Dr Zakir Naik Biography

  1. Dr Zakir Naik is one of the most popular Islamic orators on Islam and Comparative religion today.
  2. He is a great public speaker, debater, and preacher of Islam.
  3. He has impacted an incredible number of Muslims and non-muslims audience globally.
  4. His Islamic speeches are according to the need of the modern mind. He uses science, reason, and logic to interpret the Quran.

Quick Information:

Have a quick look at the important dates, days and facts about Dr Zakir Naik.

Personal info:

Full Name:Zakir Abdul Karim Naik
Display Name:Dr Zakir Naik
Date of Birth:18, October, 1965
Age (2022):56 years
Marital Status:Married
Birthplace:Mumbai, India
Location (Current):Malaysia
Nationality:India, Malaysia

Educational info:

Certifications:MBBS internship certificate
Languages:Hindi (natural), English, Urdu, Arabic
School Name:Saint peter’s high school, Mumbai – (finished in 1982)
College Name:K.C college (Kishan chand chellaram college) – studied A levels (till 1984)
University Name:Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College at Belgaum in Karnataka – (completed first medical year in 1987)

Topiwala National Medical College – (completed rest medical years in 1990)
Islamic EducationReceived Islamic knowledge as much as possible (without a degree)
Islamic Teachers:Dr V abdur Rahim (head of madina university) -Arabic teacher

Shaikh zia ur rahman azmi – Hadith teacher

Shiekh ibn Baz – Islamic Jurisprudence

Sheikh Nasiruddin Albani – Hadith scholar

Sheikh Abdullah ibn Jibreen – Islamic Jurisprudence

Shiekh Abul Hasan Ali Hasani Nadwi – Islamic Literature

Shiekh Abdul Karim Parekh – Islamic scholar

Shiekh Mujahidul Islam Qasmi – Islamic jurist (excellent in logic)

and many more.

Professional Info:

Profession:Doctor and Businessman
Professional Experience:7 years of doctor
25 years of business
Volunteering as: Public speaker and Preacher – (1988 – til now)
Debut as a Public speaker:1991 (officially)
Experience as a Public Speaker31 years
Awards:1. ‘Plaque’ from Shiekh Ahmed Didat – (2000)

2. Dubai International Holy QUR’AN Award’s ‘Islamic Personality of 2013’ Award – (2013)

3. Tokoh Ma’al Hijrah Distinguished ‘International Personality Award’ from Malaysia – (2013)

4. ‘Citation Plaque’ by Prime Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Mohd. Najib Razak – (2013)

5. ‘Sharjah Award for Voluntary Work’ for the year 2013 – (2014)

6. ‘The insignia of the Commander of the National Order’ Award (The highest national award in the Gambia) – (2014)

7. The Honorary ‘Doctor of Humane Letters (Honoris Causa) by University of Gambia – (2014)

8. ‘King Faisal International Prize’ for Service of Islam – (2015)
Personal Projects:1. He started ‘Islamic International School’ that teaches both deen and dunya together. – (1999)

2. Founded ‘Peace TV’ a Non-Profit organization – (2006)
1. Globally, He gave the biggest public talk on religion; which was attended by 1M people in india.

2. He delivered 2000 public talks in the last 26 years in more than 40 countries.

3. He ranked in 500 most influential people for 10 consecutive years (2011 – 2020) and ranked 79th in 2021.

4. He ranked 82 in The 100 most Influential People In India in 2009.

Cultural info:

Ethnicity:Indian Muslim

Religious info:

School of thought:Sunni

Physical stats: (2022)

Height:In feet inches – 5’9
Weight:In kilograms – 83 kg (approx)
In Ibs/ Pounds – 183 pounds (approx)
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Dark Brown

Popularity Stats:

Famous for:Dr Zakir Naik is famous for his critical analysis and convincing answers asked by the audience after his speeches.
Influenced:More than 200 Million People
Social media following (2022)Facebook: (22.7M)
YouTube: (3.13M)

Income stats:

Income SourceBusiness, Investment in Islamic Stocks,
Income (approx):2500 dollars each (minimum)
Non-Profit:Peace TV
Book Publication
Dvd, CDs etc

Family info:

Spouse Name:Farhat Riyasat Khan later “Farhat Naik”
Children:One son and two daughters (total 3)
Sons:Fariq naik – 1996
Daughters:Zikra naik – 1996
Rushda naik – 1999
Father Name:Dr Karim Muhammad Naik – Medical doctor and Psychiatrist
Mother Name:Mrs Roshan Naik
Siblings3 sisters and 2 brothers (total 5)

Talents info:

Speciality:Arguing and Debating on Islam and Comparative Religion.
InterestsCollecting best equipments for dawah work.
HobbiesCollecting Video Cassettes of different scholars in initial years of dawah.
Passion:Meeting the top Islamic speakers.
Good atMathematics, debating, public speaking

Life Story:

10 Interesting Facts:

Here are top 10 interesting facts about Dr Zakir Naik.

  1. He is a medical doctor by profession
  2. He has no formal education of Islam
  3. Dr zakir naik started dawah work at the age of 23
  4. He gave his first public talk at the age of 26
  5. He became famous in 1996, at the age of 31
  6. He left medical practice after meeting a Pakistani scholar Dr Israr Ahmed
  7. Dr Zakir naik influenced 200 million people worldwide
  8. His lifetime dawah work (books, videos etc) is copyright-free
  9. He is banned in India due to converting thousands of hindus into Muslims
  10. He currently lives in Malaysia

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List of Books

Dr Zakir Naik is the author of twelve books and the co-author of thirteen books. He wrote twelve (12) amazing books on Islam and comparative religions. While, there are thirteen (13) books that he penned down with the help of other scholarly work by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, Dr Maurice Bucaille, Abdullah Yusuf Ali and Faisal Fahim

Dr Zakir Naik Books:

1. The Qur’an & Modern Science: Compatible or Incompatible? – (2001)
2. Is the QURAN God’s words? – (2003)
3. Women Rights in Islam – (2006)
4. Similarities Between Hinduism & Islam – (2007)
5. Answers to Non Muslims’ Common Questions About Islam – (2008)
6. QURAN & BIBLE : In The Light Of Science – (2008)
7. Universal Brotherhood – (2008)
8. Is non-vegetarian food permitted or prohibited for the human being? – (2008)
9. Rights of Women in Islam: Modern Or Outdated? – (2009)
10. Focus on Islam – (2010)
11. Similarities Between Islam & Christianity – (2011)
12. Most Common Questions Asked by Non Muslims – (2019)

Dr Zakir Naik Books With Multiple Authors:

1. What Is Islam and What Islam Is Not, A to Z
2. Islam, Science and the Astonishing Facts About the Holy Quran 2014
3. The Choice: The Bible the Quran and Science
4. The Bible the Quran and Science: A Short Introduction 2014 Summary of the Original
5. The Bible the Quran and Science: The Holy Scriptures Examined in the Light of Modern Knowledge: a Summery With More New Information
6. The Bible, the Qu’ran and Science: The Holy Scriptures Examined in the Light of Modern Knowledge – 4 Books in 1
7. The Bible, the Qur’an and Science the Holy Scriptures Examined in the Light of Modern Knowledge: 4 BOOKS In 1 2014 (2nd Edition)
8. The Bible the Quran and Science: The Torah and Religion and Science 2016
9. The Bible the Qu’ran the Torah the Religion and Science: The Holy Scriptures Examined Under the Modern Knowledge of Science 2014
10. The Quran and Modern Science: Compatible Or Incompatible? the Choice: Islam and Christianity, the Bible the Quran and Science
11. The Meaning of the Holy Quran, The Qur’an & Modern Science: Compatible Or Incompatible? 2 Books in 1
12. The Quran: The Final Evidence With Scientific Facts They Dont Want You to Know
13. The Qur’an the Final Evidence They Don’t Want You to Know: 2014, (3rd Edition)

How to Become Like Dr Zakir Naik?

Becoming like Dr Zakir naik requires passion for dawah work. However, it’s not difficult. You can be like him. His story can walk you through the challenges he faced and overcome to be where he is now. Here’s dr zakir naik life story.