This is what I learnt from the difficulty.

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It was the second time when i saw the same horror in my mother’s eyes. The idea of watching the clock rewind seemed terrible and a lot difficult this time. My father to undergo the same surgery again..

Taking extremely painful injections, medications and anesthetics weren’t as frightening as the long bed-rest that had to come along.

Again the long sleepless nights, stringing cramps, pain, inflammation… And him struggling hard to hide it all from us.

We were afraid. Two years of mental, physical and emotional struggle, trying hard to make things okay and finding it difficult to manage finances without him — taught us a lot.

How important a father is to a family and how many sacrifices he makes for them behind the curtain? It was something i strongly realized.

But where everything was upside down, there we found a secret to Life that:

It is never perfect, it just throws different challenges our ways at different intervals. Therefore, we must recognize what our strengths are.

Our strengths always help us deal with uncertainty and regain control.

Normally, strengths are considered to be innate, that are somewhere in oneself, but apart from being a source of power for each other as a family, we were surprised to watch a new strength emerging. In that hard time, Allah ta’lah taught us again that how humans can turn to be a beautiful blessing and strength.

We found our strength in relationships. How they joined shoulders when we were broke and wept with us when we scattered. They shared our pain, and their words brought us hope.

My khalas bringing tea and meals to the hospital at different times of the day and even at home after my father’s discharge. All my cousins praying for his health and being ready for a night stay at hospital.

Them repeatedly, asking about his health. Those who could come stood by us and those who couldn’t sent countless prayers. I saw genuine care, love and concern in their eyes and actions.

What a blessing to witness! Thank you Allah. ❤️

We also reconnected with few distant relatives whom i never thought of entering our lives like that and receiving such kind treatment from them. Meanwhile, my friends also became a shade for me.

In a Nutshell, Allah ta’lah took a difficult test but He also didn’t deprive us from His bounties, this is the beauty of trials for the believers.

Allah test us but He never leave us in that calamity. He sure sends help through hidden sources; withholds one blessing but spreads one hundred opportunities. He always does this and through that difficulty, test us and our Iman!

Not everytime the help, that Allah sends, is this clear and shining as in this case, but to declare that it’s not present, is unfair and a weak perception of God’s unconditional love.

My father hasn’t recovered yet and we all are struggling in our areas but we are grateful for Allah’s mercy throughout this hard and unsorted journey as well as hopeful for his recovery and certain things to settle down soon. This moment is not perfect and our test is still there, but we know that ‘No perfect moment exist and It’s His dear people who are tested most.’

The reason to share it all is: “If you ever find yourself in a hard phase, know that it’s just a phase and no matter how long it takes but phases finish. The longer it gets, the powerful is your test and that rewarding is the end.

Find your strengths because they are must there, and be grateful for them. Gratefulness draws a positive side of life and reveals reality upon us. It helps us improve our lives by making use of the opportunities available at hand. Indeed, Allah increases his favours and blessings over the ones grateful among mankind.”

Your well wisher,

Somiya Adrees.