Dr Zakir Naik’s Life Changed After Learning These Two Lessons

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Here’s one of the most interesting story of two Islamic intellectual’s encounter with each other, and how one’s advice completely changed the life of the other. This is the story of Dr Zakir Naik’s life when he learned two golden lessons from Dr Israr Ahmed, and his life completely changed.

Dr Zakir Naik life

A Little Bio of The Two Great Intellectuals:

  • Doctor Zakir Naik is well-renowned in all parts of the world. His lectures on Islam, Science and Comparative religions are widely appreciated and used as a source of guidance for humanity.
  • Doctor Israr Ahmed was a medical doctor by profession who left his medical practice all at once after he had a deep encounter with himself in his stay at Hejaz, Saudi Arabia. After that, he did a master’s in Islamic studies and began teaching Quran to the Pakistani community. He was a famous scholar, theologian and philosopher of south Asia.

Story of Their Meeting

Dr Zakir Naik went to meet Dr Israr Ahmed in Lahore around 1991, as per his passion for meeting all the top living scholars of the world.

Upon meeting him, he told doctor Israr about his background and that he has just finished his medical studies and wants to be a surgeon. He further told him that he desires to do his MS and also wants to involve in Dawah (Invite people towards Islam).

When Doctor Israr Ahmed heard this, he gave two pieces of advice to Dr Zakir Naik that changed his life forever.

The Two Golden Lessons:

The first thing Dr Israr Ahmed said,

  • Son, you have to choose between the two things. Either you choose your Medical practice or Dawah. If you want to specialize and give your best, then choose between the two things.

The second thing He said,

  • If you want to do Dawah then make your personal expense the minimum. Because if you make your personal needs the minimum, “You’ll speak the truth more easily.”

Dr Zakir Naik said that he practised medicine for 7 years and strived to handle both – medical work and dawah work – But he could not do it.

So, with dr Israr’s guidance, he left medical practice and ended up choosing Dawah to serve Islam fully.

Also, according to him, dr Israr’s advice, “to make the personal expense the minimum”, is the cornerstone of his success.

The Impact of His Advice:

When Dr Zakir Naik left his medical practice, he shifted all his focus to dawah. He studied, researched and read for more than 12 hours a day.

He did not save huge amounts of money for himself; Instead of all that he earned from his businesses, he invested it in his dawah work.

Meanwhile, He started Peace TV – a Non-Profit Religious Satellite TV that aired his lectures and conferences on Islam, science and comparative religions. Peace TV went viral and gained 200M viewers.

He made no copyrights on all his works, materials, i.e., Books, DVDs, video cassettes and what not! His YouTube videos are non-copyrighted and ads-free.

It is in no way bad or impermissible to take a salary from dawah work. We all have personal needs and responsibilities to fulfil. — Dr Zakir Naik

By starting not for profit projects, he made his message’s reach boundless.

All of it made a massive impact globally, his message started to reach all corners of the world. And in no time he became a Global sensation. With the help of Allah, he strengthen the faith of Muslims and reverted millions of Hindus and Christens back to Islam so much so forth, that he had to migrate from India to Malaysia due to the Indian government’s interruption.

The End Note:

Dr Israr Ahmed played a role of a spiritual guru in Dr Zakir Naik’s life. Due to him, Dr Zakir Naik’s message of peace has reached every home in all developing, under-developing and non-developing countries. We grew up watching his videos on Peace TV Urdu. May Allah bless both of them with the highest rank of Jannah, Ameen.

We all have one such guide in our lives who transforms them for the better. Who’s yours?

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